Wireless Surface Charger Suitable for Qi enabled Phones & Tablets

Install this wireless charging transmitter into any desk, table or other worksurface and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge smartphones and tablets without trailing cables and being tethered or having the inconvenience of finding a power point.

Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger 3. 82264039P2

• For installation in furniture
• Fits into Ø 60 mm hole in work surface
• Wirelessly charges Qi enabled devices
• Set includes:
- Wireless surface charger, plastic/aluminium
- 2 m USB cable
- Fixing bolt, nuts and plate
- UK charging adaptor with USB socket

• Order qty: 1 set

Wireless Charger 2. 82264039D1
Wireless Charger 1. 82264039P1